‘Working on a new project, but can’t say much yet!’ says woman who paid for a photo shoot

SOFT LAUNCH: A local woman has taken the first brave step in her career as an entrepreneur.
Nikki Brenner hired a professional photographer to get a range of headshots of herself.
“I can’t believe this is actually all happening now,” says Brenner. “I’ve been dreaming about this stuff for years.”
The 28 year old says she has a few business ideas “in the pipeline,” including a skin care line, an innovative dating app, and a sustainable plastics company.
“I’m also considering becoming an influencer. I’m not 100% sure which way I’m going to go, but I’m getting all my headshots sorted for when I’m ready to pull the trigger.”
In a full day shoot over three different locations, the budding entrepreneur got a range of both corporate and lifestyle photos.
“I’ll be posting the pics on my socials in the lead up to launch, so watch this space,” she says.
“I think we got it all covered today. If there’s anything else we can always do another shoot later.”