EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Bruce Lehrmann spotted near Sydney beach looking for washed up bricks of cocaine

ROCK BOTTOM: Just three days after his failed defamation case closed against Network TEN, Bruce Lehrmann has been photographed pacing furiously along the rocky coastline near Freshwater Beach in Sydney’s north.

“He was combing every nook and cranny,” said one witness. “He was still wearing his suit and he was so focused!”

It comes after more than 250kg of cocaine washed up along NSW’s coastline over the past several months.

“Bruce kept muttering something about hitting the jackpot,” the witness told DBT.

It’s understood the former political staffer’s search yielded nothing more than a few bottle caps, a rusty spoon, and an old Nokia phone, which he stared at for a moment, possibly considering its potential street value.

“Maybe next weekend he’ll bring a snorkel and try his luck underwater.”