Bondi woman hosts farewell party for friend who is moving to Manly

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Tears are flowing today, as long distance threatens to end a life-long friendship between two Sydney women.

Bondi resident Kate Parkes announced last week that she’s moving more than 20 km’s away to Manly in Sydney’s north to live with her boyfriend.

“I’m devastated,” says Kate’s neighbour and old friend Jenna Philby who hosted a farewell party last night.

“We’ve promised each other that we’ll stay in touch via WhatsApp, but unfortunately I’ll never get to see her anymore!”

The pair both say it’ll be too difficult to meet up face to face given their busy schedules and Sydney’s heavy traffic.

“To be honest, the last time I crossed the bridge was like 3 or 4 years ago,” says Jenna Philby.

“We might meet up in the CBD sometime, but nothing is confirmed.”