Man getting grief from wife for never cleaning the bathroom, finally swings into action by putting two anti-bacterial drops in the toilet bowl

DEEP CLEAN: A Sydney husband is making bold moves to quell his wife’s growing anger and resentment over his lack of effort around the house.

With their shared bathroom looking like it just hosted a mud wrestling tournament, David Bell put two Wash Wild anti-bacterial drops into the toilet bowl.

“Cleaning the bathroom was so much easier than I thought,” he told DBT, beaming with pride.

“I even flushed the toilet twice for good measure.”

However his minimalist approach left his wife Belinda less than impressed.

“The toilet bowl still has skid marks on it, and the shower still has soap scum from 2019!” she says.

The couple continued arguing about the state of the bathroom, before David Bell abruptly left the house to play golf.

“I’ll have another go at it when I get home,” he promised.

UPDATE:  David Bell has gone missing.