Local woman pretends to have pilates before dinner date, purely so she can wear activewear

ACTIVE WHERE? A Sydney woman has surprised her Tinder date tonight, by turning up in skin-tight lycra leggings with a sports bra.

“Nice to finally meet you,” Justine De Mont was heard saying to her date. “Sorry, I just came from pilates, I hope you don’t mind the work out clothes (laughs).”

Ms De Mont was also carrying a sports bag. But an investigation by DBT has found the 27 year old didn’t have pilates this afternoon.

Instead she spent two hours before her date at home struggling to find something to wear, before settling on her body-hugging white and pink work out combination.

“I was just so flustered to be honest,” she says.

“None of my normal clothes were looking good, so I decided to put on my activewear and tell him I had pilates. My lycra is so flattering, plus it makes me seem fit and healthy.”

It’s understood Ms De Mont has also worn activewear on several other recent dates, but DBT can confirm the last time she actually did any form of exercise was in November 2018.