EASY CELL: Sydney renters are welcoming a new state government initiative aimed at easing the rental crisis.

The NSW Premier today announced that Long Bay Jail at Malabar will be offering rental accomodation for just $250 per week.

“These rooms have excellent security and are situated only 14 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD,” says Dominic Perrottet.

“Plus we’re offering three meals a day at no extra charge.”

And – unlike prisoners who share cells at the jail – renters will have the entire cell to themselves.

However there is a catch; renters will not be able to leave the prison.

“We’re concerned inmates could easily pose as renters and escape, so for that reason all tenants will be confined to the jail for the duration of their stay.”

Either way, most renters say it’s a good deal.

“This cell is so much better than my old place in Bondi,” says one man. “And now I don’t have to spend my entire weekends looking for somewhere to live.”