BILLS TO PAY: Certified legend Nedd Brockmann has laced up his runners unexpectedly for the 47th consecutive day.

After a gruelling 46 day trip on foot from Perth to Bondi, the 23 year runner had a rude awakening today, learning that his Bondi hotel is charging him $510 per night.

“Strewth, I heard Bondi was expensive, but I wasn’t expecting this,” he told DBT. “I was thinking more like $150 a night.”

Despite suffering severe fatigue and a range of running related injuries, the electrician is about to begin a new charity run to raise money for his accommodation bill.

“The $1.5 million I raised from my run from Perth to Sydney has already been committed, so that’s why I’m doing 100 laps of Centennial Park today. Please give generously.”

Brockmann is expected to finish the run at 3pm today.

“Unfortunately I won’t be able to stay in Bondi again tonight, so I’ll be heading straight home afterwards.”