Local Personal Trainer Now Offering Unwanted Life Advice

LIFE COACH: A Sydney personal trainer is taking the next brave step in his two year personal training career.

“The pandemic and economic issues continue to take a big toll on mental health,” says Blake Bourke. “That’s why I’m now offering my clients helpful lifestyle advice.”

The 29 year old rejects suggestions he’s not qualified to delve into his client’s life matters.

“Once you understand the body, you can understand the mind. Plus I completed my personal training certificate 4.”

And he says no topic is off limits.

“Diet, sleep, relationships, work, finance, whatever it is, I can help,” he says. “I’ve also added ‘Life coach’ to my Instagram bio.”

However at least one of his clients is speaking out.

“Maybe let’s just do exercise and leave it at that?” asked client Rebecca Barber.

“I’m totally down for taking your directions about exercise and fitness, but when it comes to broader life issues, I’ve pretty much got it covered.”

But Blake Bourke says he’s not going to stop.

“Sometimes my clients act like they don’t want to talk about things,” he says. “But really they just need a little push in the right direction. I’m doing it for their benefit.”