Local introvert keen for long weekend to finish so he doesn’t have to keep making up elaborate excuses to avoid social activity

LOCKDOWN: A Sydney introvert is counting down the hours until the end of the long weekend, eager to escape the exhausting task of fabricating fake excuses to avoid friends and family.

“I wanted to spend the weekend at home by myself, but I’ve been inundated with messages from people trying to hang out,” Nigel Dunning told DBT.

“Ever since Thursday Ive been under the pump.”

The 29 year old data analyst says he’s already used up every excuse under the sun.

“I’ve told people I’m sick, injured, have work to do or have errands to run,” he says.

“I even concocted a fake family emergency to avoid a bbq.”

“I feel drained creatively, and I still have the rest of today to keep up this charade.”

As the long weekend draws to a close, Nigel Dunning says he’s desperate to return to work so he can more easily escape the pressure of social expectations.

“Honestly I wish the state government would bring back lockdown.”