“I just wanted to jump on quickly,” says influencer in video that required 14 takes & 2.5 hours of editing

BEHIND THE SCENES: Well-known for her breezy online persona, local fitness influencer Eve Brodie has given DBT a first hand look at her video production process.

In one of her latest workout videos on Instagram, she began with her signature phrase “I just wanted to jump on here quickly.”

However DBT can confirm it took her 25 minutes to do her hair, 14 takes and 2.5 hours of painstaking editing, all for a video which ran for less than a minute.

“It’s all about maintaining authenticity,” Eve Brodie told our reporter. “But that takes work.”

“I have to get the lighting right, and do loads of retakes to eliminate stutters. Then comes the editing and captions.”

“It normally takes me all afternoon to be brutally honest.”

And the video only has 14 likes since it was posted yesterday afternoon, because it’s believed most of her 50k followers are bots.

More to come.