“It’s so easy to make time for exercise,” says fitness influencer without job, mortgage, children, social life or any other hobbies

JUST DO IT: A Sydney influencer is being accused of misleading her followers, after claiming she juggles a demanding daily schedule to fit in regular exercise.

“You won’t achieve your fitness goals by just thinking about them,” Elise Jamison said on a recent video she posted to Instagram.

“You need to take control of your time and make it happen!”

But an investigation by DBT shows the 28 year old stay at home trust fund recipient has no time constraints whatsoever.

“She just hangs out in activewear all day, trialing green smoothie recipes, and filming herself doing exercise,” says one insider. “She’s got no job, mortgage, children or any other commitments.”

DBT approached Elise Jamison about the backlash against her, but she refused to talk.

“No comment,” she aggressively told our reporter while covering her face with a rolled up yoga mat.

“I’m on my way to shoot an activewear collaboration video with the guys from Lululemon.”

“Except I’m paying them to be in it.”