Health Department Recommends People Who Say ‘Youse’ Be Vaccinated Last

With a Covid vaccine now on the horizon, federal health authorities say essential workers, the immunocompromised, and the elderly should be among those getting vaccinated first.

Now attention is turning to who should be vaccinated last.

“We believe people who say ‘youse’ should be our lowest vaccination priority,” says Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Peter Paulson.

“Our research shows significantly higher rates of poverty and crime among people who regularly use the word.”

The word ‘youse’ is widely used among Australia’s lower socioeconomic classes, however it is condemned in formal English speech and writing, and it’s unheard in Sydney’s east.

Pat Riley from the Western Sydney Chamber of Commerce is condemning the recommendation.

“Youse are all just being discriminatory,” he says. “Youse can all get fucked.”