Entire Friendship Now Solely Based On Liking Each Other’s Instagram Posts

STILL IN TOUCH: Two local men say their friendship is as strong as ever, even though they’ve barely spoken since 2015.

“I don’t think people need to talk or see each other in person to have thriving friendships,” says Tom Bushnell. “But liking each other’s Instagram posts definitely helps.”

The pair finished school together 10 years ago.

“We’ve always had a level of mutual respect,” says James Meier. “Even though we rarely see each other, I know we are in a good place.”

James Meier estimates that Tom Bushnell likes or comments “around 80%” of his posts.

“To me it’s also a sign that he hasn’t unfollowed me,” says Mr Meier.

“It’s crucial in maintaining that level of trust which I think we’ve always had. We are also still quite strong on Facebook.”

The men did bump into each other at a Rugby match 6 years ago.

“It wasn’t awkward at all,” says Tom Bushnell. “We chatted briefly about work, footy and obviously some of the things we’ve seen on each other’s social media feeds.”

And it’s understood they also discussed the possibility of catching up for a beer.

“The intention is definitely there,” says Mr Bushnell. “That’s all that counts.”