GETTING GRIEF: Ron Ferver has survived yet another potentially marriage crippling argument with his wife Melissa.

It’s understood their 3 hour screaming match finally came to an end last night when Ron agreed to post a loving tribute to his wife in the form of a Facebook status update.

‘Melissa, you are my Angel,” he wrote. “My light, my love, my everything.’

“She made me do it,” Ron Ferver admitted to DBT. “It was 100% a set piece. She even wrote it and emailed it to me. I literally copied, pasted and posted it.”

Melissa Ferver confirmed to our reporters that her husband’s version of events is accurate.

“Our relationship is under huge strain,” she says. “But I can tolerate it, as long as everyone else thinks we’re solid.”

It’s understood Melissa Ferver has chosen to stay in an Airbnb tonight.