#BREAKING: ‘Massive’ Cyber Attack Blamed On COVIDSafe App

In April it was billed as a way of beating Coronavirus, and a ticket to freedom.

But today all Australians are being urged to delete the COVIDSafe app as soon as possible, as the government and private sector is hit by a massive cyber attack.

“Please do not delay,” says Scott Morrison. “If we are going to beat this cyber attack all Australians will need to remove the COVIDSafe app now.”

It’s understood a ‘sophisticated’ and ‘state-based’ group has accessed COVIDSafe data to to unleash the attack on a range of government organisations.

“I can’t reveal much more at this stage,” says the PM. “We are onto it, but please, all Australians need to delete the COVIDSafe ASAP if we are going to beat this thing.”

Documents tabled in the senate this week show the COVIDSafe app has barely even been used.

Just one COVID-19 case has been reported to have been identified using data from it.

“Sorry the whole COVIDSafe app thing was a load of bullshit,” says Scott Morrison. “Just please delete it now. We’re all in this together.”