Sydney man in Bali complaining about how many Sydney people are in Bali right now

PEAK SEASON: A local man says his holiday to the Indonesian tourist hot spot Bali is being overrun by ‘absolute blow-ins’ from down under.

“I’m so sick of all these muppets,” says Steve Robson. “They all come here to experience a different culture, but they are literally just sheep all following each other.”

Steve Robson says he travelled to Bali to ‘unwind,’ and to get away from Sydney and Sydeysiders.

“But now I’m completely surrounded by them,” he says.

“I went to see some temples and rice fields yesterday and I bumped into more people I know than when I go shopping at Westfield Parramatta.

The 35 year old says he’ll never come back to Bali.

“I’m thinking Fiji instead for next year.”

More to come.