Anti-Vaxxer Finally Gets The Jab, After Learning Unvaccinated People May Not Be Allowed Into Catalina

For the last 18 months Maddison Keighrey been using her social media platforms to aggressively spruik her strong anti-vax stance.

But now the Bondi brow bar owner has had a change of heart.

“This morning I booked in for my first jab next week,” she told DBT exclusively.

“Honestly I just wouldn’t be able to handle not being at our regular rock oyster lunches at Catalina every Sunday afternoon.”

It comes as the state government considers a plan to stop unvaccinated people entering restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues once NSW begins opening up.

“I still think vaccines are evil, but not being able to go to Catalina would be even worse,” says Ms Keighrey.

“As a brow bar owner, I’m part of Sydney’s social elite, and going to Catalina is a crucial part of making sure everyone knows it.”