Activewear Brand Lorna Jane Releases New ‘CoronaWear’ Line

Australian activewear brand Lorna Jane has released a new line specifically designed for the coronavirus lockdown.

“We saw early on that activewear sales were booming, so we figured there’s a market for clothes specifically designed for the ISO ‘working from home’ lifestyle,” says Lorna Jane.

The new line called ‘Coronawear’ uses different fabrics for extra comfort around the home.

“Coronawear fabrics are extra breathable,” says Lorna Jane. “So they’re very comfortable for napping, but equally suitable for home workouts and shooting TikTok videos.”

The range is designed to prevent people from needing to change clothes between different activities.

It also features a jacket, which Lorna Jane is marketing as slightly more formal than a regular tracksuit top.

“Our Corona jacket is expectable for corporate Zoom meetings, or to accept food deliveries at your front door.”

DBT asked Lorna Jane if she’s worried the recent easing of social distancing restrictions might reduce demand for her new line.

“Not at all,” she says. “I know loads of people who are choosing the Corona lifestyle, even after the lockdown finishes. It’s the new norm. You just don’t know it yet.”