A BRIDGE TOO FAR: Eastern suburbs man driving to the CBD chooses one wrong lane and ends up in North Sydney

WRONG WAY, GO BACK: A Bondi man has paid a heavy price for a navigation fail this afternoon.

Dave Crane was heading for a doctor’s appointment in the city, but he tragically ended up in North Sydney.

“I was just following my GPS, but it directed me into the wrong lane and then over the Harbour Bridge,” Dave Crane told DBT.

The 32 year old was left bitterly disappointed.

“It’s was possibly the most demoralising experience I’ve ever had,” he admitted to DBT.

“And it’s the first time I’ve left the east in years.”

As quick as he could, Dave Crane turned around in North Sydney and began his drive of shame back over the bridge.

The cross country adventure cost Dave Crane 40 minutes and $8 in tolls.

“And I missed my doctor’s appointment,” he said.

“I fucking hate this city.”