Matteo restaurant now requiring all waiters to complete a photography course

I’LL HAVE THE SNAPPER THANKS: One of Sydney’s most popular restaurants has begun putting all its waitstaff through an intensive three week photography course.

“It’s not optional,” says Bryce Farthing, the manager of Matteo in Double Bay. “Taking high quality photos is an important part of our waiters’ job description.”

The goal is for the restaurant to appear in as many social media posts as possible.

“Too often our waiters were taking average quality photos,” says Bryce Farthing.

“So we thought, let’s give them photography training so they can ensure our patrons have some quality content to post.”

The waiters say they’re happy to learn new skills.

“I wouldn’t even have known about portrait mode if it weren’t for these classes,” says waitress Linley Wright.

“We are food service professionals, but nowadays photography and social media is such a huge part of it.”

Restaurant staff are also taking creative writing courses to help clients come up with decent captions for their photos.