WORRYING TREND: NSW Records Alarming Daily Increase In The Number Of Gym Selfies

NEW OUTBREAK: One day after gyms re-opened in NSW experts are already warning about a concerning new outbreak of gym selfies posted to social media.

“We were worried this might happen,” NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet told reporters today. “Please exercise restraint at the gym, or else we’ll have to go back into lockdown.”

As of 8pm last night, there were 240,871 new cases of gym selfies, up from just 14,230 the day before when people posted selfies from outdoor gym set ups.

“These numbers are very concerning,” says the Premier. “We need to flatten the curve immediately. Please leave your phone in the gym locker. We’re all in this together.”

But one local fitness influencer told DBT she has no plans to stop posting gym selfies to Instagram.

“It’s an important part of my business,” says Christie Dewhurst (pictured).

“I reluctantly got vaccinated so I could go back to the gym and post my selfies and now the government is trying to control me once again.”