“Work hard, play hard,” says unemployed man on luxurious Maldives holiday, paid for entirely by his parents

LIVING LARGE: A Sydney man staying in a lavish water villa in the Maldives has been posting a raft of envy-inducing photos and videos with the #WorkHardPlayHard hashtag.
“It’s so good to finally have a chance to wind down,” Marcus Tanner-Wright wrote to his 313 followers.
However after a tip off from a DBT reader, we can reveal the 33 year old’s Maldives escape comes courtesy of his mum and dad who are there with him.
“He hasn’t had a job in the last 4 years,” says an anonymous source. “The whole #WorkHardPlayHard hashtag is a bit rich given he’s an unemployed trust fund recipient.”
DBT reached out to Marcus Tanner-Wright for some clarification but he was busy doing water sports and having a spa treatment.
Eventually he returned our call and admitted his parents are in the Maldives with him, despite neither of them appearing in any of his travel pics.
“I’ve been sleeping on a roll out bed,” he admitted. “But mum has agreed to use the roll-out bed tonight as I find it so uncomfortable.”
We then also asked about the use of his #WorkHardPlayHard hashtag, and he said:
“Well, I let my parents work hard so that I can fully embrace the ‘play hard’ part of the equation. It’s a team effort.”