Single man on bender tries his luck one last time by going from the nightclub directly to run club

CLUBBIN’: In a valiant quest for love, local man Joel McSmith has conquered the ultimate test of endurance this morning.

He transitioned seamlessly from the thumping beats of Club 77, to the rhythmic pavement pounding at his local run club.

“I didn’t meet anyone nice at Club 77,” he admitted to DBT.

“And I still had so much energy at 5.30am, so I thought I’d roll the dice again at run club.”

The ambitious 31 year old went home briefly to shower, change and powder his nose to be ready for run club at 6am.

“I felt fresh as a daisy,” McSmith said. “I talked to so many runners and I thought I was on fire.”

“I asked one woman for her phone number but unfortunately she ran away.”

As the run entered its 5th and final kilometre, his hopes of finding love began to fade amid the pounding footsteps and heavy breathing.

“Unfortunately I went home empty handed,” he told our reporter.

“I lay in bed alone listening to the birds chirping as the depression kicked in.”

“Maybe I should just stick to Tinder.”