Yo-Chi Surry Hills opens express lane for customers who take less than one minute to choose their yoghurt and toppings

FAST PASS: A popular local frozen yogurt store has introduced an initiative to reduce congestion in its store.

Yo-Chi Surry Hills has a new express lane, rewarding customers who take less than one minute to select their yoghurt and toppings.

“Those completing their transaction in less than 60 seconds are rewarded with a VIP pass to the express lane for next time,” says Yo-Chi management.

The new system comes in response to customers spending excessive time trying to get the perfect selection and proportions of yoghurt and toppings.

“It’s like artwork getting the right combination of sprinkles versus crushed Oreos,” says one Darlinghurst woman.

“I need much more than a minute.”

But another customer who spoke to DBT said they’d be willing to forgo perfection, to bypass the regular queue, which can take up to 30 minutes.

“I’m a bit worried about the one minute limit,” said one man. “But I’m going to give it a go.”