Woolworths Now Offering Afterpay For Lettuce Purchases

RELIEF AT THE CHECKOUT: With lettuce prices showing no sign of abating, Woolworths has taken the unprecedented step of offering Afterpay for an individual grocery item.

“Retail lettuce prices seem locked in at around $10 a head, at least for the next few weeks,” says Woolworths CEO Hamilton Hendricks.

“Extreme weather events continue to make life tough for vegetable producers, and that’s keeping prices high.”

So from tomorrow, Woolies customers will have the option of paying for lettuce in 4 instalments over 6 weeks. Health experts are welcoming the move.

“Lettuce is popular and it’s healthy,” says nutritionist Dan Oaks. “It’s important that it remains within the household budget.”

Woolworths says it’s likely to offer Afterpay for other vegetables in the near future.

“I can announce today that we are trialing Afterpay for avocado next week,” says the Woolworths CEO.