SUPERMARKET SAVINGS: A local woman is flaunting her new Christian Dior tote bag today, which she purchased after some quick thinking at the supermarket checkout.

“Instead of scanning the plastic Coles bag, I just stole it and started loading my groceries into it,” Jess Burnett admitted to DBT.

The 15c windfall was enough to convince her to splash out on the new Christian Dior bag.

“Being financially prudent by avoiding unnecessary expenditure is the reason I can afford my luxury lifestyle,” she says. “I deserve it.”

The 28 year old fashion design student, who still lives at home with her parents, also saves money by bringing home packets of tomato sauce from McDonald’s.

“It all adds up,” she says. “Little savings here and there allows me to live the life I want.”

“Actually I’m also going to buy a bag tonight at the Sheaf, or I might just wait and hope someone else packs me up.”