Woman who saved 25c by remembering to bring her re-usable bag to Woolies, rewards herself with a $5k bag from Christian Dior

SUPERMARKET SAVINGS: A Double Bay woman was flaunting her new Christian Dior tote bag this afternoon.

She purchased it after some quick thinking while getting ready to go to the supermarket.

“Instead of buying a new recyclable bag like I do almost every time, I finally remembered to bring one with me to Woolies,” Jess Burnett admitted to DBT.

The 25c windfall was enough to convince her to splurge on a new Christian Dior tote bag.

“Being smart with money means I can afford my luxury lifestyle,” she says. “I deserve it.”

And the 28 year old fashion design student from Paddington says plans on going out to celebrate.

“..I’ll probably buy a $350 bag at the Sheaf tonight,” she says.