Local Woman Unfollows Anyone On Instagram More Attractive Or Successful Than She Is

SAFE SPACE: A local woman is taking drastic action to reduce the anxiety she feels after checking her Instagram feed.

“I’ve looked through all my followers and unfollowed – or muted – any of them who are hotter or wealthier than I am,” says Elle Brock.

“It’s just so much easier this way.”

The 32 year old claims most of the people she previously followed on Instagram are successful in life simply because “they got lucky.”

“They were just in the right place at the right time,” she says. “I’m so sick of seeing their humble brag posts about their holidays and boyfriends and shit. I just don’t need it.”

“Besides, I got higher grades than most of those people at school and uni anyway.”

Elle Brock’s Instagram news feed now consists entirely of average looking, middle class people.

“I’m not suffering with FOMO anymore and general state of mind is now so much healthier,” she says. “I highly recommend it for anyone.”