CALL SCREENING: A local woman says she’s now requiring a text message or voice note from anyone before they attempt to call her.

“It’s 2022,” says Tara Henry. “Even if it’s a call from a close friend, there’s no way I’d pick up without some idea of what it’s about first. It’s a trap for young players.”

She says the screening technique is becoming common place among her friend groups.

“If people do try calling me without any kind of warning text, I’ll just let the phone ring out and then a minute later I’ll text them saying: “Hey, I’m just in a meeting, what’s up?”

And, the 26 year old admits to needing to be in a very specific mood to conduct any kind of real-time phone conversation, whether she’s had a text warning or not.

“Yeah normally I’m too tired, stressed or in a bad mood to talk on the phone, even with close friends.” admits Ms Henry. “It’s just too confronting.”