Westfield Bondi Junction now charging $20 entry fee, as shoppers queue for the air conditioning

AIR CON: Shoppers going to Westfield at Bondi Junction to escape today’s scorching heat are in for a surprise.

“In a bid to keep the centre from overcrowding, we’ve introduced a $20 entry fee,” says a statement from Westfield Bondi Junction.

“At this stage the fee applies for today only, but we’ll see.”

It comes as thousands of shoppers head indoors to escape the 40 degree temperature outside, the hottest day in years.

The unprecedented entry fee is getting a mixed reaction from shoppers.

“It’s a small price to pay to shop in comfort,” says one local shopaholic.

Others say the fee is yet another contribution to Australia’s ongoing cost of living crisis.

“I only came here to buy a soft drink,” says one man. “But it has set me back $75 because of the parking fees and the entry fee.”

“I’m going to have to move back in with my parents at this rate. And they don’t have air conditioning!”