Waverley Council installs mirrors on the Bondi to Bronte path, so walkers can check how they’re looking

TIME FOR REFLECTION: The Bondi to Bronte coastal walk in Sydney’s east is well-known as a great place to be seen, now the local council is ensuring walkers can also see themselves.

“After much community consultation, we’re pleased to complete the installation of more than 80 full-length mirrors on the 4 kilometre stretch of picturesque coastline,” says Waverley Mayor Rob Draper.

The move has left fitness enthusiasts rejoicing.

“It’s great because I bump into so many people I know on the path,” says Bondi to Bronte regular Hannah Tunks-Marello.

“Before the mirrors, I used to get really insecure about bad hair days and running make up, especially on hot days.”

Bondi resident Tara Ticehurst says she now plans on doing the walk much more often.

“I used to be more of a gym girl, but that was just because of the mirrors there,” she admits.

“Now at Bondi to Bronte I can appreciate my own beauty, as well as the natural beauty of my surroundings.”

Council says it will soon consider extending the mirror initiative to the coastline between Bronte and Coogee.