Vaucluse couple send son to boarding school at Cranbrook so they can avoid the daily traffic on New South Head Rd

TRAFFIC HACK: A Vaucluse couple has raised eyebrows after enrolling their 14 year old son into Cranbrook’s boarding program, despite living only four kilometres from the school.

“The traffic every day on New South Head Rd is a nightmare,” says the father Phil Morgan. “It’s going to save us about an hour per day on transport.”

The son, Hugo Morgan, gets dropped at school and picked up everyday.

“Public transport is not an option for us,” says the father. “Hugo refuses to catch the bus. So boarding school is a great solution.”

Hugo – previously a day student at the prestigious school – is less than impressed.

“I hope I don’t have to share a room with someone,” he told DBT. “And what is the air conditioning situation there?”

The couple say they plan to host a lavish farewell party for Hugo before he goes off to boarding school in early February.

“We don’t want to get rid of Hugo,” says the mother. “We just hate the traffic.”