“Sydney’s air quality is so poor today,” says man who takes a hit of his vape every 14 seconds

SMOKE & MIRRORS: Sydney’s air quality has plummeted due to smoke from a major bushfire burning more than 400 kilometres away in the state’s north-west.

“All this smoke is so bad for my lungs,” says local man Quincy Ryan. “I’m an asthmatic as well, so my GP has told me to stay indoors as much as possible.”

The 32 year old says his rampant vape habit is not a factor.

“No, the bushfire smoke is way more harsh than my vape,” he says while exhaling a plume of blueberry flavoured vapour.

“If anything my vaping trains my lungs for these exact situations.”

The RFS says the smoke will clear into the evening, with southerly winds forecast.

“I hope they control the bushfire soon, I can barely breathe,” says Mr Ryan. “It’s so unhealthy.”