Vacant car space at Bondi Beach mistaken as art installation at Sculpture By The Sea

ART IMITATING LIFE: In a humorous case of mistaken identity, a vacant car space in the carpark at Bondi Beach has been mistaken as a sophisticated art installation during the annual Sculpture by the Sea event.

“Wow, that’s super cool,” one onlooker said. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Some people said they thought the installation was a minimalist piece of art about urban isolation.

Others thought it was a commentary on the scarcity of parking spots in the bustling Bondi Beach area.

Little did they know it was an actual vacant space.

“It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual,” said one man, in an ironic nod to Aussie TV sitcom Kath and Kim.

The confusion lasted for several hours before someone who didn’t know about Sculptures By The Sea eventually parked their car in the spot.