University of NSW now offering PhD course in ‘How to exit the Bondi Junction Westfield car park’

PARKING PHD: The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has become the first tertiary institution in the world to offer classes on how to exit a car park.

“Leaving the Bondi Junction Westfield car park is well-known as one of Sydney’s most confusing and harrowing experiences,” says Dr Michael Fuller.

“We feel the time is right to offer a comprehensive, academic solution to this critical urban issue.”

UNSW’s four year PhD program covers how to find your car and how to navigate your way out of the car park’s labyrinth-like layout and confusing signage.

“We’re also educating students about what to do if you get stuck at the boom gates behind a boomer who forgot to pay,” says Dr Fuller.

Admission into the course will be highly selective.

“I was thinking of doing medicine, but this seems more challenging,” says one student.

“My end goal is to equip myself with the knowledge to use that car park without losing my mind.”

The course begins early next year with the first batch of graduates expected in 2028.