Trump Mistakes A Covid Map For An Election Results Map

The US President remains defiant in the face of adversity.

As the Republican Party braces for a Presidential election loss, the country is also grappling with a record number of Covid-19 cases.

It comes as Donald Trump makes the ultimate blunder, mistaking the nation’s latest Covid map, for what he thought was an election results map.

“Wow, look at all those red states,” the US President told a room of journalists at the White House. “Voters all around this great nation love me. They want me for another four years.”

The truth tells a very different story, with Joe Biden pulling ahead in the key battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

“But look at the map,” an exasperated Trump told journalists. “The whole damn thing is red! The Republican Party is being rewarded for its great work in beating the pandemic.”

It’s hoped an election result will be announced tomorrow.