Tom Waterhouse Now Offering Cashless Two-Up For Anzac Day

COIN TOSSER: Former bookmaker turned gambling innovator Tom Waterhouse is offering cashless two-up for punters this Anzac Day.

“Two up is about celebrating the true Aussie spirit and mateship,” says the 36 year old. “Im just making that process much easier.”

Traditionally two-up players hold cash above their heads to find someone willing to bet the equal amount on a coin toss.

“Who has cash these days though?” asks Waterhouse. “I see a real opportunity to bring more people into Anzac Day celebrations.”

Waterhouse is currently outside The Australian Hotel at the Rocks spruiking his new innovative service.

“Just place your bets via your phone,” he can be heard screaming loudly. “And even though you’ve all been drinking since dawn, please gamble responsibly.”