Time spent organising weekend away with friends, longer than actual weekend away: Report

WEEKEND WORRIERS: A new study has shed light on how long it takes to organise a weekend away with friends.
The Institute for Social Dynamics found the average attendee spends 52 hours discussing the weekend away on the WhatsApp group chat.
“That’s a full 4 hours longer than the standard weekend getaway of 48 hours,” says lead researcher Simone Stevens.
The study found disagreements about choosing a date, transport arrangements and accomodation led to significant planning delays.
“It’s like conducting a multi-million dollar business deal,” says Ms Stevens. “And quite often the weekend away never even ends up happening.”
Double Bay man Ryan Tanner recently tried organising a weekend away to the Blue Mountains, without success.
‘Let’s go to Terrigal instead,’ wrote one of his friends in their group chat.
‘I’m not sure if I can do that date yet, I’ll let you know soon,’ messaged another man.
“The back and forth went on for months and it was all so painful,” admits Ryan Tanner. “In the end we just gave up and went out for nose beers at the Sheaf.”