Time Out Sydney says the best thing to do on NYE is take a sleeping pill & go to bed at 10.30pm

KNOCKOUT BLOW: Popular lifestyle magazine Time Out has just released its guide for New Year’s Eve in Sydney, and it’s a big departure from the usual fanfare of fireworks, parties and Harbour cruises.

“Save yourself a lot of anxiety, money and time by staying home this New Year’s,” says the magazine.

“Put 2023 to bed by taking a sleeping pill at 10.30pm.”

Time Out acknowledges its recommendation this year is unconventional, but says it’s aimed at avoiding crowds, overpriced drinks and the logistical nightmare of getting home.

“Honestly, do yourself a huge favour,” says the publication, which is known for its finger-on-the-pulse recommendations.

“And most importantly, you won’t have to pretend to enjoy small talk with strangers.”

The recommendation has sparked a range of reactions from Sydneysiders.

Some are calling it a stroke of genius.

“I love it,” one man told DBT. “In fact I’m going to pop 2 Stilnox at 8.30pm and try to ride it out for a few hours.”