‘THE BAY BOYS’ Police warning of a ‘Bra Boys’ style gang now operating in Double Bay

ESHAY BAH: Double Bay’s tranquil streets are being threatened by a new gang dubbed ‘The Bay Boys,’ who appear to be based on Maroubra’s infamous ‘Bra Boys’.

“The Bay Boys are flourishing in and around Double Bay,” says Chief Inspector Angus Watt. “They’re often located in Kiaora Place near Bake Bar.”

But unlike their rough-and-tumble Maroubra counterparts, The Bay Boys wear puffer jackets and tend not to use physical violence.

“Instead they’re lodging complaints with the local council and using their white collar network to gain perks and special access,” says Inspector Watt. 

Several Bay Boys members have been cautioned by police after stealing dried fruit from the Woolworths self-serve bar.

“They’re also known to be distributing fake drivers’ licenses to underage drinkers who are hoping to get into the Sheaf and The Oak.”

Typically graduates of Sydney’s elite private schools, the Bay Boys aren’t involved in drug dealing or armed robbery.

“But they are marking their territory by using chalk to write inspirational quotes on the footpath,” say police.

“We’re urging locals to avoid interacting with these gang members as much as possible.”