Tennis Legends Lament Parramatta’s Grand Final Loss

BROKEN EELS: Two of the world’s best tennis players shed a tear last night after watching the Parramatta Eels lose the NRL grand final.

“I felt our backline was a bit flatfooted,” says long time Eels fan Roger Federer who recently announced his retirement from tennis.

“Plus Gutho just didn’t quite fire up.”

Federer invited his tennis rival Rafaell Nadal over last night to watch the Eels get over powered by the Penrith Panthers at Accor Stadium.

“I was really hoping the eels would break their 30 year Premiership drought,” Federer told DBT.

“Don’t worry Roger you’ll be ok,” said Rafael Nadal who doesn’t support Parramatta, but was equally emotional.”

“I’m here to support you bro.”