Aussie tennis ace Bernard Tomic says his Australian Open training schedule is ‘almost back on track’ after being given a Nintendo console with Wii Tennis on it.

“Officials from Tennis Australia gave me the console early this morning and I’ve already clocked up 5 hours match time,” says the 28 year old.

Earlier he gave Tennis Australia a big serve, criticising them for strict hotel quarantine conditions, which prevents him from leaving the room, even for important training.

“The Wii Tennis is pretty sick actually,” says Tomic.

“I had a big match against Novak Djokovic today. Some of the refereeing calls were pretty average, but I still managed to beat him 6-2, 6-4, 6-3.”

Tomic is among 72 players currently in hard quarantine after multiple flights to Melbourne carried people who have since tested positive for covid-19.

He’s locked up with his girlfriend, with another 10 days left of quarantine.

“I’ve actually never played Nintendo before today,” he says. “But I quite like it, at least I don’t have to talk to anyone or give signatures or any of that bullshit.”