Sydney Uni now offering PhD course on how to avoid making one wrong turn & getting forced into the Harbour Tunnel

TAKING A TOLL: Sydney’s confusing road network is taking growing numbers of drivers by surprise, especially when they get forced into a tunnel by mistake, costing them time and road tolls.

Now, in a groundbreaking move, the University of Sydney aims to address the chronic issue.

“Sydney’s roads can be a labyrinth for the uninitiated,” says Sydney University’s Dr Lane Swerver.

“Taking one wrong turn, or being in the wrong lane, often leads to frustration and tears.”

“That’s why we’ve introduced PhD program called: ‘Advanced Navigational Strategies: Harbour Tunnel Avoidance.'”

The four year course includes advanced map reading, the psychology of Sydney road layouts, and practical sessions in high-pressure driving simulations.

“I was thinking of studying medicine, but this seems much more challenging,” says one student.

“Yesterday I was driving in Woolloomooloo heading into the city when all of a sudden I was on the Cahill Expressway with no way of turning around,” says one Rose Bay man.

“The only way to get back to the city was to drive all the way to North Sydney and do a loop around Berry Street and then head back east.”

The course begins this year with the first batch of graduates expected in 2028.