CAST AWAY: Aussie trust fund recipient stuck in Mykonos as airlines only have economy seats available

CAST AWAY: The fate of an Australian traveller on the idyllic Greek Island of Mykonos is hanging in limbo tonight.

Tom Sedgeworth’s 14-day trip has turned into a nightmare, because he’s unable to purchase a first class seat home.

“I’ve scoured every airline and flight booking website, and all I can find are seats in economy and business class,” he told DBT in an exclusive phone call interview.

“It’s an absolute joke.”

Instead of braving a non-first class flight, the 31 year old unemployed former private school student has extended his accomodation booking indefinitely.

“I’ve only even travelled first class and I don’t intend to start experimenting now,” he says.

The Sydney trust fund recipient says he’s engaged Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) to pressure airlines to make a first class seat available.

“I haven’t heard back from DFAT yet,” says Mr Sedgeworth. “Worst case scenario I have to get dad to send his private jet to come rescue me.”