SYDNEY RENTAL CRISIS: Woman posts bikini selfie on Bondi Local Loop, asking if anyone has a spare room

BARGAINING POWER: The blurry line between neighbourhood Facebook group and dating website, has been crossed yet again.

Amid Sydney’s escalating rental crisis, local woman Lou Grace has posted an alluring photo of herself on Bondi Local Loop, with the caption:

“Hey beautiful Bondi peeps, I’m looking for a spare room! DM me ASAP. Must be a modern place and close to the beach xo.”

It remains unclear if she’s even offering to pay any rent, or if her mere presence is enough.

Either way, her post is raising eyebrows.

“Try looking on like everyone else ffs!” replied one Facebook user.

But despite the critics, Lou Grace’s tactic appears to be paying off, with hundreds of likes, comments and shares after only one hour of posting.

“Stay at my place, no payment required,” commented one man.

“My DM’s are absolutely blowing up,” Ms Grace told DBT. “I’ve got a series of viewings already lined up. But I’m not ready to commit to anything just yet.”