SYDNEY RENTAL CRISIS: Long Bay jail now offering rooms for $450 per week

EASY CELL: Sydney’s ongoing rental crisis has taken an unexpected turn, as Long Bay Correctional Centre begins renting out cells for a mere $450 per week.

With rental prices skyrocketing, the prison is taking advantage of the demand, turning itself into a makeshift apartment complex for those desperate to find a place to live.

“These rooms have excellent security and are situated only 14 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD,” says prison management.

“Plus we’re offering three meals a day and a state of the art gym at no extra charge.”

Long Bay officials say the new offering is strictly for non-criminal renters, and that all prospective tenants will be subject to background checks.

Either way, most renters say it’s a good deal.

“This jail cell is so much better than my old $800-a-week place in Darlinghurst,” says one man. “And now I don’t have to spend my entire weekends looking for somewhere to live.”