Sydney man not accepting any new friends, unless they have guest passes to the stadium

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: After living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for his entire life, Adam Jamison has cemented a strong friend group.

The 32 year old has previously said he’s not open to any new friendships, but today he’s admitted to making one exception.

“If they have guest passes to the stadium, they’re a good chance,” he said in an exclusive interview with DBT.

“I’ve always believed that true friendships should be built on shared experiences.”

With an average joining fee of $22k, Adam Jamison says membership at the Sporting Club of Sydney (known as the stadium) remains out of reach.

But he says the resort style pools, gym equipment and saunas there are too good to resist.

“So far, I’ve become good mates with three different members who have guest passes, so I’ve been going pretty much everyday,” he told DBT.

However some of Adam Jamison’s old friends say they barely see him anymore.

“He’s gone completely AWOL,” says one of them. “He only hangs out with stadium members now and most of them are absolute nerds.”

More to come.