Sydney man refusing to leave his Noosa hotel room, as there are way too many people he knows at the pool

SELF-IMPOSED EXILE: It was meant to be a relaxing family holiday in Queensland, but it’s quickly turned into a nightmare for one 28 year old Bondi man.

Dan Haber is staying at the Noosa Sofitel with his parents and brother, but it’s already day two of the trip and he’s yet to leave the room.

“There’s way too many people I know here,” he told DBT in an exclusive phone interview.

“I can see them all at the pool from my window. Down there it’s like Hall street Bondi on a sunny weekend, except worse.”

DBT understands Dan Haber’s parents have been trying to coax him out of the hotel room, to no avail.

“They’ve been trying to say I need to be more social,” he says.

“But honestly, I came here to escape, not to mingle with the same people I actively avoid at Woolies.”

“So I’m just going to watch the cricket and get room service.”

“As soon as I get back to Sydney I’ll get a fake tan just so people don’t think I’m a weirdo.”