Sydney Lord Mayor Starts Brainstorming Potential Reasons To Cancel NYE Fireworks

HEADLINE HUNTER: The Lord Mayor of Sydney and her media team have begun discussing how they can benefit from the annual ‘on again, off again’ coverage about NYE fireworks.

“Over the next few days we’ll begin sending out media releases saying we may have to cancel the fireworks display this year,” says Lord mayor Clover Moore.

“We’re just not exactly sure which reason we’re going to use yet.”

Ms Moore says Omicron, flooding and even bushfires are all in the mix for reasons to drum up headlines again this year.

“It’s crucial we keep everyone on edge and extract as much media coverage as we can about fireworks speculation,” she says.

“We’re also looking at cancelling either the 9pm, or midnight displays,” she says.

“Maybe we could implement restrictions on who is allowed into the city. All options are open to us at the moment.”

“I want to get my mug on TV as much as possible.”

Editors at news.com.au say they welcome moves to establish uncertainty about the fireworks.

“We really need something to report on at this time of year, otherwise all we have is xmas shopping, Boxing Day sales, The Ashes and Sydney to Hobart,” says news.com.au.

More to come.