Sydney father excited to see what he got his children for Christmas: Report

MYSTERY SHOPPER: A Sydney father who once again had zero involvement with the selection and purchase of his children’s Christmas presents is this morning waiting with baited breath to find what out they got.

“I leave gifting entirely up to my highly efficient wife,” Steve Johnson admitted to DBT. “I pretend I know what the gift is, but deep down I have absolutely no idea.”

“It adds that little bit of extra excitement to the gift giving process.”

He says that extra adrenalin is crucial in helping him survive Christmas Day.

“I need all the help I can get,” he says. “After another difficult year, I have absolutely no energy for this bullshit.”

At press time Steve Johnson’s daughter had just unwrapped her Christmas present.

“I love it, thanks dad,” she said.

“No worries darling. I chose it myself.”