Sydney couple saving for deposit on single serving of Totti’s bread

BREAD WINNERS: Sydney’s Jen James and Ethan Carballo have moved into a friend’s house rent-free while they save for a deposit on a serving of Totti’s wood-fired bread for $16.

“The first time I saw someone post a photo of the puffy Totti’s bread on Instagram, I knew I needed to try it,” Jennifer told DBT.

“But when I found out the price, it always seemed out of reach.”

So the young couple are making several sacrifices to try to turn their Totti’s bread dream into a reality.

“No vacations, no eating out, no drinking, and the most difficult one; no more avocado on toast,” says Ethan.

“We’re not paying for anything like that until we’ve raised enough for a deposit on that famous wood-fired bread.”

As the cost of living crisis continues, some are applauding the couple for trying to get into the Totti’s bread market.

But others, like Tim Druitt from consumer group Choice, say it’s not required.

“That Totti’s bread is no different to the pita bread available at Coles for 18c a piece.”